Details of the Initiative

What does an economy friendly to humans and nature look like? We are thinking about how we can create a cyclical, effortless, flexible, and open-minded society and industry in accordance with ecosystems. People find their space and play their roles between ideal living and form of family as well as society and the environment we expect. How do you express the overlaps like this and incorporate them into your life?
Backed by strong relationships, we move people’s hearts, give shape to their hopes, and operationalize and systematize them. How?
We receive adult graduate students from Amita Holdings Co., Ltd. and collaborate to give an applied comprehensive course, Ecosystem Industry Theory, at the School of Political Science and Economics. We invite social entrepreneurs who have brought about changes in behavior and social innovation to engage in dialogue with them. We have been conducting fieldwork in Kurokawa (Kawasaki City) and Tama (Tokyo). We will continue to do it for a while.

(Reference) Together with Amita Holdings Co., Ltd., and Meiji University, offering a course themed on Ecosystem Industry – Aiming to foster a new era of social entrepreneurs who generate strong relationship with nature and humans.

Where does water come from? How do we get energy from water and use it? At Kakio Water Power Station (680 kW, Kurokawa)
How have humans lived together with nature? Learning about the Yato terrain of Tama Hills and walking to a water source.
Learning about the structure and approaches of circular agriculture at Kurokawa Field Science Center, Meiji University.
How much can we increase local production and consumption? JA Ceresa Kawasaki Farmers’ Market Interviewing at Ceresamos, Asao