Details of the Initiative

Research by Professor Go Shimada of the School of Information and Communication was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. This research analyzes how climate change affects people’s lives in Africa.

Professor Shimada’s research analyzes, using panel data from 1961 through 2011, how natural disasters related to climate change (droughts, floods, and storms) affect economic growth, agricultural production, and poverty.

The result shows that natural disasters not only hurt economic growth, agriculture, and poverty but also cause armed conflicts. The results also show that cereal food aid during a disaster negatively impacts agricultural production in the long run.

The article introducing the paper for this research, “Food aid is not helping Africa’s struggle with climate change: what would?” was published in Economy, Land & Climate Insight, an EU-related environmental research media outlet.

These days, due to climate change, disasters such as droughts are rapidly increasing in Africa.