Details of the Initiative

The Course of Study for Japanese senior high schools has significantly changed since FY2022. One of its main features is that Geography has become compulsory. Although I did not used to be involved in the field for senior high school education, as I only engaged in research, I had the privilege of being invited by a textbook publisher to take part in the development of a textbook of Geography. As I always liked geography and I became a geographer like a dream come true, I would like to have more people including senior high school students know the beauty of geography. This wish of mine makes me proactively engaged in the activities of the Science Council of Japan and lectures for Liberty Academy and other programs.
The contents of Geography consist of three pillars: “Contemporary society from a viewpoint of maps and geographical information system,” “International understanding and cooperation,” and “Sustainable community development and us.” The purpose of learning these is to build the foundation for senior high school students who will create the future, to become fully aware of the SDGs as common goals of humankind and to take steps to achieve them. Geography is essential knowledge for those who live in the present world.

Brochure of a public cultural program by the Institute of Humanities of Meiji University (October 2018, Academy Common). Although there was still time until Geography would become compulsory, people including senior high school teachers came to the program from all over Japan.
Symposium co-organized by The Association of Japanese Geographers and the Geographical Education Subcommittee of the Science Council of Japan (September 2022, Kagawa University). It was the first in-person academic meeting in a long time, and was filled with enthusiasm.
Brochure of an education course at Liberty Academy (November 2021, online). As it was free, a large number of people joined it.
Part of an online lecture at Liberty Academy (June 2022).
Geography, History, and Civics working group of Ishikawa Senior High School Education Association (July 2022, Nonoichi City, Ishikawa) It was quite rewarding to have practicing senior high school teachers as avid listeners.