Details of the Initiative

The Kobayashi Seminar in the School of Global Japanese Studies (focused on international educational exchange) held an exhibition of halal-certified food products and a sweets tasting event at GJSday (school event) on Saturday, November 19, and a tasting event for halal-certified pre-packed meal curry and pot noodles at our cafeteria on Tuesday, December 20, with a goal of increasing the diversity of food within the university.

Our seminar conducts activities in the belief that international education can contribute to the development of society where various people can live comfortably. We take an interest in foreign students from different countries and try to listen to their voices on a daily basis. These events were inspired by the realization that students with dietary restrictions, such as Muslim students, were not being provided the basic foods that are fundamental to their lives.

The food products were provided by NINOMIYA Co., Ltd., which supplies halal food to over 120 universities in Japan, and purchased at EB Halal Store in Nakano. Many of the participants supported the introduction of halal food, and our ultimate goal is to have such food in the cafeteria and store in the university.

Our students and high school students taking part in the halal quiz at the exhibition and tasting event of halal-certified food products on GJSday
Undergraduate and graduate students and teachers lining up at the tasting of halal certified pre-packed meal curry and pot noodles

Three popular pre-packed meal curries at the tasting targeted at teachers and students at the cafeteria
Sales of vegan and Muslim-friendly food in carts only for one week as a spring semester’s activity (presentation materials for GJSday)
Poster for GJSday and halal food catalog (presentation materials for GJSday)