Details of the Initiative

Our laboratory conducts research on new energy utilization forms and heat storage technologies to bridge the time and space gap of energy supply and demand as well as devices to realize them.
In places like factories and ironworks, for example, there exists plenty of waste heat of several hundred degrees Celsius, which is dumped into the environment without being efficiently used mainly because there is a spatial gap between where the heat is and where it is needed. Furthermore, if we can store the cold in winter in cold weather regions and use it for cooling in summer beyond a time gap, it will contribute to the reduction of energy consumption.
While regulations on the use and emission of greenhouse effect gases have been tightened to curb global warming, our laboratory pursues research to materialize solid refrigerant heat pumps that do not use gas refrigerants. As the information on this technology is shared by a global network, we actively disclose and provide the data obtained in our laboratory to commercialize and market the technology as soon as possible.

Solid refrigerant heat pump device
Latent heat storage materials encapsulated in a gel-like capsule developed by the laboratory (4 mm in diameter)
Agitation of oil and water by a T-shaped stirring rod (oil is in orange): Experiment and simulation