Details of the Initiative

The special theme practice course C “Good companies analyzed with data” of the School of Commerce is offered as a donated lecture by Toyo Keizai Inc., and the results of the workshop on SDGs are presented every year. In the 2022 workshop, each group of three-four students was assigned one Goal of the SDGs and asked to select one listed company to carry out attractive activities related to the Goal. If necessary, each group took efforts to interview the company, focusing on what questions to ask.

At the presentation, as an example, the group in charge of Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities selected Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., which is working on the Lead Town, and reported questions related to the selection. The group in charge of Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being selected Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., which developed a mosquito net to prevent malaria, and pointed out that its efforts would lead to achieving Goal 8 and Goal 9.

Mr. Yukichi Nishimura, Mr. Hiroyuki Tamiya, Mr. Yoshihiro Kishimoto and Ms. Kyoko Chinone of Toyo Keizai provided many accurate comments and advice to each group. We received very valuable feedback from business magazine experts and believe this was an amazing opportunity to deepen our understanding of SDGs and business expertise.

A seminar student explaining Goal 12 and its target
A seminar student explaining the outline of the selected company
Mr. Hiroyuki Tamiya (editorial office reporter / editorial committee member: right) and Ms. Kyoko Chinone (a member of the Educational Business Development: left) commenting on the presentation of the seminar students
Mr. Yoshihiro Kishimoto (Manager of the Database III) commenting on the reports from the seminar students
Mr. Yukichi Nishimura (Manager of the Educational Business Development), who supervises the results report meeting