Details of the Initiative

I study the works of Jewish contemporary writers mainly in the German-speaking world. Their works deal with the Holocaust memory of their parents’ generation while the subject of those works is anti-Semitism that is now spreading throughout Europe ? discrimination and hatred based on prejudice against Jewish people.

Deep regrets about the Holocaust have taken root in Germany and Austria in their own way. However, an influx of Islamic refugees and immigrants into Europe in recent years has caused racially discriminative thought against not only them, but also Jewish people. Conversely, it is not rare for refugees and immigrants themselves to have a strong hatred for Jewish people born from anti-Israel feelings. As a consequence, attacks against Jewish residents are steadily increasing.

Jewish writers feel anxious about that present situation and are fighting it with the weapon of literature. During my studies overseas, I stayed in Vienna and interviewed the writers. In seminars after homecoming, I read and understood their works as well as researched approaches by various artists who resist that situation.

Prejudice and discrimination are based in the depth of a human heart. For words to work at that depth, they first need to reach that depth. I hope Japanese students think deeply about inner prejudice through learning approaches to a war against discrimination through literature.

The largest synagogue in Vienna District 1 It is designed so that its inside cannot be seen from the outside, and its entrance is heavily guarded in preparation for an attack.
exhibition of photographs of survivors of concentration camps that was held in Vienna in 2019. An incident occurred where cloth panels with a photo were slashed by someone at night. Citizens were shocked by the deep-rooted anti-Semitism. The panels were sewed by volunteers, and young Muslim persons volunteered to patrol the exhibition day and night.
Presentations by group at a seminar in German literature Students used a classroom for active learning and created the content of a presentation through discussions.