Details of the Initiative

The Research Cluster for Autonomous Robotic Systems is conducting research toward the realization of a society with robots that reduce human labor. Specifically, we are conducting research on intelligent behavior control technology for robots and research and development on systems that lead to robot behavior learning for social implementation of autonomous mobile robots. By advancing these studies, we believe that we will be able to dramatically increase our adaptability to diverse societies, build innovative robot systems that can be installed in spaces where people gather and leave, and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

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Professor Yoji Kuroda (right) of the School of Science and Technology gives a lecture at AI/SUM 2019.
*AI/SUM: Applied AI Summit is one of the largest global AI conferences in Japan focusing on how AI can be applied to the real world and industry.
We are conducting research and development for the social implementation of autonomous mobile robots that can operate in environments where many people come and go, for the purpose of security and delivery. Photo shows a mobile CCV robot in a driving test.
Representative: Yoji Kuroda, Professor, School of Science and Technology