Details of the Initiative

The Surugadai Volunteer Center has been holding Disaster Recovery Volunteer Training twice a year since AY2005, based on the basic agreement for cooperation in the event of a large-scale disaster in Chiyoda City. The purpose of this course is to train student volunteers to ensure cooperation between Chiyoda City and Meiji University in the event of a disaster. In this course, participants will learn practical techniques through lectures and exercises by experts in firefighting practices and volunteers, simulated disaster experience at Honjo Life Safety Learning Center, and Advanced First Aid. Those who complete the three-day curriculum will receive a Safety Leader Certificate and Advanced First Aid Certificate.

In addition, Disaster Risk Reduction Workshops have been held twice a year since AY2014 to raise awareness of disaster risk reduction among students and faculty members. In AY2020, under the theme of “How do we evacuate? Disasters and COVID-19,” a workshop was held in which participants learned through lectures about how to protect themselves from multiple disasters: natural disasters and COVID-19, and considered their own evacuation plans in the event of a flood or earthquake.

We will continue to hold seminars to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to natural disasters and climate-related disasters in order to build sustainable communities.

Disaster volunteer activity case work (group work)
First-aid activities (Advanced First Aid)
Simulated disaster experience (at Honjo Life Safety Learning Center)