Details of the Initiative

Meiji University has established the Basic Policy on Education and Research that Takes Gender Diversity into Consideration in order to realize a campus where all students, regardless of their sexual nature, can be themselves as they are, mutually recognize each other, have equal opportunities for education and research activities in all areas of the campus, be respected, and make the most of their individual abilities. In line with this policy, the Rainbow Support Center was established to promote various measures that take sexual diversity into consideration. The word “rainbow” is also associated with the rainbow flag, which is known as a flag that symbolizes the dignity of people living with diverse sexualities and their social movements, as well as the idea of a rainbow that evokes respect for diverse individuality under our philosophy of “a university that strengthens individuality”.

As an effort to promote understanding through the provision of information, the Center prepares leaflets and other printed materials to deepen the understanding of sexual diversity and the knowledge of consideration and response to students, and conducts lectures and training. In addition, staff with specialized knowledge are available for consultation for students. The initiative has just begun, but we are working with related departments to create a campus where there are both minorities and majorities.

Entrance of the Center
You can read books about diverse sexualities.
Internal appearance of the Center