Details of the Initiative

Meidai Machizukuri Dojo is a student organization officially recognized by the Organization for Community Relations and Support. It was established in 2010 under the leadership of Ryudo Uzaki, a musician and alumnus of Meiji University who graduated from the School of Law in 1969.

Based on the concept of “revitalizing the town through music,” we participate in various events held in Chiyoda City, where (Dojo) students engage in practical activities to revitalize the local community by deepening their interaction and cooperation with local people.

In AY2019, we participated in about 10 events, including the Kanda Sports Festival and the Kanda Curry Grand Prix, in addition to music events such as JAZZ AUDITORIA held at WATERRAS, Kanda-awajicho. Under the guidance of each organizer, we not only provide administrative support, but also contribute to the creation of multigenerational bonds through interactive exchange at workshops designed by students to enhance local resilience.

In AY2020, local events were canceled due to the effects of COVID-19 crisis, reducing opportunities for activities. However, we continue to be actively engaged in activities such as online workshops at Meiji University Homecoming Day, planning and support for the Online Instrument Festival, and production of the Ochanomizu information magazine “Ocha-note Web Edition.”

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Video introducing Meidai Machizukuri Dojo

Ochanomizu information magazine “Ocha-note Vol. 9” (Chiyoda Music Association website)ちよだ音楽連合会/おちゃのおと/

Annual kick-off meeting to share activity plans and aspirations, inviting Dojo owner Ryudo Uzaki and related local organizations
Instrument Festival held in front of Ochanomizu Station
Ochanomizu information magazine “Ocha-note,” which Dojo students are involved in producing every year
All Dojo students who contributed to the operation of the Kanda Curry Grand Prix