Details of the Initiative

With regard to employment and career support, while fully utilizing the abilities and characteristics of students and valuing the wishes of the students themselves, we cooperate with relevant departments within the university as necessary to provide detailed support in dealing with each of our diverse students.

Meiji University’s unique employment support and job information search system, M-Career, allows students to view information about companies and employment, check the schedule for various lectures and seminars, and make reservations for viewing the alumni list. Remote support is provided for the convenience of students. We also focus on career and employment counseling by individuals and groups.

As for internships, we have a program for Meiji University students called the ALL MEIJI Internship, sponsored by the university for the purpose of career design, helping them to clarify the future vision they want to achieve through their work and its process.

We also hold PBL (Problem-based Learning)-type events and group counseling sessions for younger students so that they can become aware of the importance of having a sense of purpose in their university life.

In AY2020, we held consultations and various support online events in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In the future, in addition to conventional support, we would like to develop employment and career support that takes full advantage of the benefits of online support.

The ALL MEIJI Internship sponsored by the Career Center is held during summer vacations in cooperation with companies and organizations. After the program, we hold a debriefing session with the host companies and organizations.
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we were among the first to conduct online group consultations and individual consultations. In fiscal 2020, over 16,000 individual consultations were conducted online.
For third-year undergraduate and first-year graduate students, guidance on career paths and employment is provided so that they can consider various career paths and develop their interests into future actions. We tell students how to prepare for job hunting and how to use the Career Center.
M-Career is a one-stop service system that provides information and procedures related to career employment, from job registration to job search, application for consultation, confirmation of various events, and internships. Anyone who is a student of Meiji University can use it.