Details of the Initiative

ECO ACT MEIJI ? Meiji University Environmental Exhibition is a special exhibition held at each campus for a limited period of time.

As part of our educational activities related to environmental conservation, we introduce our environmental conservation activities as well as information related to environmental issues to our faculty members and students in order to increase their interest in environmental conservation.

At the exhibition, there are panel displays explaining in simple terms the environmental issues that surround us, such as global warming and energy, as well as the university’s environmental conservation efforts. We also distribute a list of books owned by the University Library that are related to the environment, and present the research results of seminars related to the environment. Please feel free to drop by.

In addition, as part of the planning of the environmental exhibition, we hold an environmental tour for our students and faculty members. You can visit environmentally friendly facilities and equipment that typically cannot be accessed.

We look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation in our environmental conservation activities.

For information on other environmental initiatives implemented at Meiji University, please visit the following URL.

A tour of environmentally friendly facilities held at Izumi Campus
Environmental exhibition displayed on the first floor of Liberty Tower, Surugadai Campus
Environmentally friendly facility tour held at Surugadai Campus
Environmental exhibition displayed at Chofu Campus