Details of the Initiative

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, a workshop, Let’s Learn and Connect SDGs with Karuta (Japanese card game), in which students can enjoy learning about the SDGs and approaches to SDGs in Sumida City with schoolchildren of Sumida Child PR Ambassadors who advertise the attractions of Sumida City as part of the public relations and public information project by Sumida City, was held in Sumida City Azumabashi Hall in Kidera Hajime’s seminar.

Sumida City is the only ward of the municipalities in Tokyo, which has been selected as a SDGs Future City and for the Municipality SDGs Model Project. The workshop was composed of the following three sections.
● Learning SDGs with Karuta in which schoolchildren learn SDGs through SDGs Karuta cards about 17 SDGs that have been made by seminar students using milk cartons so that the children can feel SDGs closer to them.
● Learning SDGs from Interviews in which participants learn online actual approaches to SDGs through the cooperation of the employees of the Sumida City Office and the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association, which manages the Sumida-gawa River.
● Making SDGs Karuta Card Calendars in which participants reuse karuta cards for a calendar for future learning.

As they asked many questions about the relationship between Sumida City and SDGs in interviews and enjoyed the game, schoolchildren were deepening their understanding of SDGs. It was heard from seminar students who planned the workshop that they thought that schoolchildren could deepen their attachment to Sumida City and their areas and felt SDGs closer to them.

(The workshop was held by taking the surest measures against COVID-19 infection with the permission of the School of Political Science and Economics after a meeting with the Sumida City Office.)
(Noguchi Shiori, Sato Masaki, Chisaka Sayuki, Yamazaki Ami, Kidokoro Yuka, and Uchida Nanami in the fourth year of the School of Political Science and Economics)

Souvenir photo of seminar students and schoolchildren
Seminar students explain SDGs to schoolchildren
Learning SDGs Karuta
Playing SDGs Karuta enjoyably