Details of the Initiative

The Izumi Volunteer Center holds a lunchtime workshop under the leadership of Kaoko Takahashi, Senior Assistant Professor at the School of Information and Communication of Meiji University, to learn about SDGs and think together about what we can do and how to achieve them.
On Wednesday, April 28, as a first round, we shared ideas in groups about how fast fashion can contribute to achieving the SDGs and how to tackle them while reading newspaper articles about fast fashion. From the workshop, we were able to realize that not one goal but several goals and issues are linked to one issue.
In the second round on Monday, June 21, we focused on Goal 4, “quality education for everyone,” and thought of actions university students could take based on the case of Malala Yousafzai, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. We made sure to focus on what was familiar to us and work on it, as the fastest way to solve problems, rather than thinking only about big goals. The workshop will continue in the fall semester. We will come into contact with various social issues from the SDGs and consider specific ways that we can address them.