Details of the Initiative

The advanced utilization of genetic resources, namely the creation of a bioeconomy, is a major international issue, and competition in bioDX (Bio x Digital Transformation) research utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as big data-based machine learning, AI, and IoT is intensifying. The Meiji University Research Institute for Plant Resource Utilization has led the world by developing an enormous and high-quality genomic and genetic information infrastructure, as well as by establishing an AI text mining infrastructure that extracts gene function information from a large volume of academic literature to accumulate highly reliable knowledge information. The synergy of these infrastructures enables advanced bioDX research for genome design that contributes to agriculture, industry, and environmental conservation. In addition, the institute is actively promoting collection and evaluation of domestic plant genetic resources in Japan to develop infrastructure for their omics and knowledge information analysis. The expansion of the institute is expected not only to develop agricultural production and bioeconomy in our country, but also to contribute to sustainable food production, forest conservation, and global warming control by maximizing utilization of plant resources on a global level, and to help transformation into a circular economy that does not rely on petrochemical resources.

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Example of image analysis using AI technology
Analysis of plant genetic resources derived from subtropical areas in Japan
By using AI, big data difficult to quickly overview and interpret are converted into high-quality information that can be handled by computers and humans.
Representative: Kentaro Yano, Professor, School of Agriculture