Details of the Initiative

In our laboratory, we are aiming for a new existence for humans through digital transformation (DX) and physical transformation (PX). DX is digitizing the whole premise of life, culture, society and work. At the same time, we aim for PX, which means minimizing the physical status that has been the premise so far. Humans have only chosen a physical way as distribution methods of value until now. Therefore, human desire has also been realized through a physical way. However, desire is often spiritual, and it may not need to be physical, so waste exists.

Accordingly, our laboratory is studying a digital product shelf called a bottle display as one way to incorporate DX/PX. The bottle display is a mechanism to respond digitally to the infinite variety of human desires by externalizing the label of a plastic bottle with digital display and minimizing the expression on the material. Although the use of plastic bottles itself is a problem as an eco-friendly product, we are exploring a new way of creating products on the premise of digitization. In our laboratory, we understand that digitization is not opposed to a physical way but is the most powerful artifact, and we are challenging the search for new human activities and ways of existence created by DX/PX.

Conceptual diagram of a form of existence by digital transformation (DX) and physical transformation (PX)

Bottle Display developed in our laboratory. The back and the underside of the transparent bottle are liquid crystal displays, making them label-less yet more attractive product advertisements and experiences. Materials are as unadorned as possible, using general-purpose bottles and displays, and parts appealing to desires are expressed digitally.