Details of the Initiative

The Omori Masayuki Seminar has been carrying out beekeeping activities on the roof of the Meiji University building in Kanda Sarugaku-cho, Chiyoda-ku since FY 2020, together with local residents and people involved in welfare facilities.
Bees fly within a two to three km radius of a hive to collect nectar.
Through beekeeping, we learn about local ecosystem services (social benefits), such as the pollination of plants by honeybees, and also improve awareness of local greening and build communities with local residents.
As part of this effort, we are selling collected honey as MEIDAI ECO HONEY at restaurants and bookstores in the vicinity of the university, as well as through the online store. When profits are made, they are returned to local welfare facilities.
The taste and color of honey are slightly different depending on the season of the flower. Please enjoy the natural blessings created by seasonal flowers and bees from Chiyoda-ku!

Group photo of the Omori seminar and local beekeeping participants, in front of a new hive installed in June 2021
Internal inspection 1: health check of bees: location confirmation of the queen bee, etc.
Internal inspection 2: confirmation of the honey quality and the condition of eggs, larvae and pupae
Separation and filtration of honey: honey flowing from a centrifuge to a filter
MEIDAI ECO HONEY: 200 g bottle and 100 g bottle