Details of the Initiative

In the Kidera Hajime Seminar, practical projects for SDGs in town planning are being developed in some areas.

In November 2021, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s supervising organization, the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association, and the Sumida River Marche Executive Committee participated in the Sumida River Marche and Sumida Comfortable Terrace, which create a new cultural area and create prosperity around the Sumida River, together with residents and storekeepers in the neighboring area of Sumida River. We planned and carried out events related to the SDGs and waterfront utilization with the permission of the School of Political Science and Economics.

Specifically, through role-playing games related to the SDGs, we conducted the River Walk Quest, a community practice project to survey the degree of recognition of social and environmental issues occurring in Sumida-ku, Japan, and the world, and to deepen the understanding among local children. By creating an experiential game format emphasizing touching rather than learning, the project did not bore children and deepened the bond between parent and child, resulting in attracting a total of nearly 100 participants in two days. (The Project was carried out by taking the surest measures against COVID-19 in such a way as gaining an Infection Prevention Drastic Declaration Sticker from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.)

Activities (first day)

The event was held in Ryogoku. We were able to make the event a success with the smiles of the children who participated in the event.

Here, children learned about the problem of river pollution caused by wastewater discharged from factories through games. In order to make children interested, we made the objects colorful!

Activities (second day)

The event was held in Etchujima. We were full of anxiety because the number of visitors was completely unpredictable, but as on the first day, a lot of people visited.

Here, children learned about flood control and the utilization of dams through games. The children, who took the task seriously, were very sweet.