Details of the Initiative

The Research Institute pursues the issue of disarmament and arms control through interdisciplinary and international studies that have not been achieved by conventional closed research organizations, by connecting comprehensive historical studies, including those on the histories of economy, international relations, empires, and military affairs, with discussions about today’s policy problems.
The issue of disarmament and arms control in modern times takes on an extremely complicated aspect, so ensuring the substance of the issue is not easy in spite of the importance. The issues of arms and military affairs are as if they were shut in darkness. The Institute aims at unraveling the substance and structures of the issues that have been concealed in the past by tracing history, and spreading its results widely over the world.
In these efforts, the Institute has paid attention to the concept of arms transfer. These words have been frequently used in the field of international politics that focuses on the Cold War period. In its projects, the Institute has produced many results by applying the words “arms transfer” to the field of historical studies as an analytical concept to unravel the essential structure of the modern world surrounding disarmament and arms control.

The website of the Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer is here