Details of the Initiative

On September 27 and 28, 2023, students from the Go Shimada Seminar of the School of Information and Communication sold Meiji University SDGs Coffee drip bags at Ochanomizu Sola City. This coffee was developed with the cooperation of MI CAFETO Co., Ltd.

The coffee features not only simple deliciousness but also two elements of “Taste” and “Value.”

“Taste” refers to the high quality of carefully selected specialty coffee. It is generated by careful management in producing countries and using coffee beans with few defects. One of the students aims is to provide consumers with more options to select their favorite coffee from among unique ones made with passion and care and enjoy their coffee time.

Regarding the “value”, most consumers choose coffee only by price and taste. The students tries to add two new values to the choice, uniqueness and price commensurate with quality. The students want consumers to learn about the unique features of various kinds of coffee beans. So, the coffee beans for the Meiji University SDGs Coffee are selected from various regions of the world.

The students also considered that the coffee beans should be paid prices that are appropriate for the quality of the beans. This is because poverty is one of the most serious problems for coffee producers. If the quality of the coffee beans is high, consumers need to pay higher prices to producers. These higher prices incentivize producers to improve the quality of coffee beans and thus create chances to reduce poverty.

The students hope these two criteria will become the basis for choosing coffee daily.

There is a saying, “Ten different people have 10 different tastes,” and coffee has its own features like bitterness and acidity. The features of taste reflect the personalities of producers having faced various challenges. The students developed and sold the products based on their belief that it will become commonplace to pay a good price for a good product and that people will have a good coffee time every day, enjoying the features of coffee beans.

The students are currently preparing the online homepage. (

Selling at Ochanomizu Sola City
Meiji University SDGs Coffee
Coffee drip bags with messages from the students
Coffee drip bags
Sold out by popular demand