Details of the Initiative

Written by all students of the Seminar and Kazuma Takezaki

The students of the Kazuma Takezaki Seminar in the School of Information and Communication plan sport events linked with the SDGs in order to make children feel more familiar with the significance of the SDGs through sports.
In this student-led project, we are planning to provide local children in Zushi City, Kanagawa, with an opportunity to play “New Sports” that can be played regardless of gender or age and to engage in a “Litter-Picking Sport” that allows them to clean up the beach while having fun. In 2022, Zushi Beach acquired the Blue Flag, a long-established, the world’s oldest international environmental certification, and has a high reputation in every aspect including safety, beauty, and sustainability. Through the project, we aim to make children more familiar with the details and importance of the SDGs and to cultivate awareness of making Zushi Beach a place where the Blue Flag can continue to be raised.

Kin-Ball, a New Sport that can be played regardless of gender or age
Paper bottles will be used for events
Learning how to create a poster to present the appeal of a sport event linked with the SDGs!