Details of the Initiative

In this course, Meiji University international students teach their own languages and cultures to other Meiji University students to share unique cross-cultural exchanges.
Any Meiji University student, including exchange student can participate.
We hold Chinese and Korean language classes every spring and fall semester and offer active classes with unique point of view of student instructors.
In the Chinese classes, students will have opportunity to wear Hanfu (Chinese traditional clothing), and to know recommended Chinese restaurants/foods. In the Korean classes, students who love K-pop may have opportunity to learn Korean words frequently used for “Oshikatsu” or activities for the favorite singers or analyze the patterns of nicknames of K-pop idols.
For the students who have not language learning experience, we will start from very beginning level including introduction of Pinyin pronunciation system and Hangul letters.
In the courses, students will learn not only foreign languages, but also mutual understanding to other countries by communicating closely each other.
The participating students come from different countries and will have various cross-cultural exchanges regardless of the national origin.

Chinese language class
Korean language class