Details of the Initiative

A new program called ‘Global Issues (Particulars)’ commenced in FY2023. In each lecture, we invite a practitioner actively involved in international cooperation at the forefront, such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), to discuss their work on global issues.
This program takes full advantage of the benefit of online lectures, and overseas practitioners from Africa and Oceania sometimes make an appearance. Moreover, students randomly form a group of four and have discussions about different thematic questions asked by practitioners to enhance their understanding of sustainability and produce new ideas.
This program is designed to allow students from different campuses and schools to encounter each other and co-create solutions through dialogue. Participants made comments on this, such as “Talking with students from other Schools gave me a perspective and ideas that I did not have,” and “Through dialogue with students from different Schools and in different years, I have met a lot of people I can look up to.”
In the field of international cooperation, practitioners engage in dialogue with various people on a daily basis with cultural and other differences in mind to address resolutions to issues.
Through this program, I would like participants to discover their own connection with global issues and to get a clue to determinedly survive VUCA, or fast-changing unpredictable situations, by learning global perspectives from practitioners.