Details of the Initiative

Environmental Law (a lecture for 3rd and 4th-year law students), renewed in April 2023, trains students to think about real social issues by connecting all the legal knowledge they have learned in law school to real social problems.
The realization of environmental public interest, which is the goal of environmental law, cannot be achieved from a single standpoint. People from various positions, such as governments, businesses, consumers, and citizens, must discuss and set goals to be achieved and play their respective roles in solving problems. As a policy method to accomplish this, we not only use regulatory mechanisms but also promote the provision of information to change the behavior of each actor.

Therefore, in our lectures, we identify the goals and targets of the SDGs, which are more than just “environmental protection,” learn about corporate social responsibility, and engage in debates targeting policy issues.

Learn the background and ideas of the SDGs again in a lecture on environmental law
Meiji University x SDGs also introduced in the context of “Corporate Social Responsibility and Information Provision Methods”
We also discuss and share the results in the large lecture hall
An extemporaneous debate. This year’s debate theme is “Should we introduce more carbon taxes?”. By debating as best we can from randomly assigned positions, we develop the ability to think from various perspectives.