Details of the Initiative

Class introduction
In Professor York’s ACE 1 class, we created and carried out projects related to the SDGs in English. In this short semester, we completed two projects within just 13 weeks.

Water server project
We made posters to promote other students to use the water server on Izumi Campus. We placed the posters in five locations around Izumi Campus. We hope this leads to awareness of the plastic waste problem in Japan and help promote students to reduce plastic bottle waste by using the water server instead.

Teaching an SDGs class at Moriya Elementary school
We conducted a class about the SDGs at Moriya E.S. on Zoom. Topics included garbage separation, animal extinction, food loss, and energy problems. We created slides for the presentation and gave the students a quiz. Over 100 students participated.

Through this spring semester, we worked hard based on our motto of ‘Ideas into Action’ to make our project successful. We HOPE that this class will continue and contribute to a sustainable society.

The Water server posters design
We set up the water server posters.
The SDGs class at Moriya Elementary school