Details of the Initiative

The effects of learning in primary and secondary education are considered to depend on the school the children attend and their relationships with friends, and also to be largely influenced by the family and region. In my laboratory, together with students, we used data from questionnaires to children and their parents and analyzed the relationships between items such as children’s learning characteristics, self-evaluations, parents’ characteristics, and children’s evaluations using data science techniques.
Statistical methods can provide simple results of relationships and structures for a large number of complicated items by mathematical analysis based on data. In this study, we used a statistical tool called the Bayesian Network to examine and consider the important connections between the targeted items. Through this kind of study, we hope to contribute to supporting children’s learning during their elementary and secondary education and to understanding the phenomenon of children’s learning.

Working in the statistical analysis environment R
Structure of the Bayesian Network model obtained from the data
A graph showing the relationship between one item and others