Details of the Initiative

We analyze the actual conditions and issues of local industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, tourism, and other service industries, and study issues and directions for sustainable development of both industries and regions. In particular, we focus our education and research on the industrial promotion that is closely tied to local communities, such as securing leaders of regional revitalization and approaching global markets for local products.

Specific efforts include (1) basic learning, (2) creation of SDGs essays, and (3) tourism town development research.

(1) In basic learning, students acquire basic knowledge of the SDGs through studying for the grade 3 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) examination sponsored by the CSR Executive Forum and other organizations. At present, we are building an online learning system in which seniors create video lectures and juniors learn through them.

(2) In the creation of SDGs essays, we set research themes focusing on education, industry, and employment, and the essay that applied for the SDGs Student Essay Awards sponsored by Sumitomo Riko won the superior-award winner.

(3) In the tourism town development research, we entered a university student tourism town development contest run by JTB and other organizations to create concrete tourism plans that contribute to the SDGs based on our fieldwork. We won the award for the second year in a row for our plan on the theme of migration and securing leaders for regional revitalization.

They received the superior-award winner at the 5th Sumitomo Riko Student Essay Awards on the theme of SDGs. In the award-winning essay, they examined the ideal way of organizational innovation of large enterprises for realizing “never retire” and “regional revitalization” in the “100-year life.”
Online material for basic learning of SDGs prepared by students themselves It adopts a style in which senior students prepare it and junior students learn by referring to it.
An online camp held in the summer of 2020 in Fukui during the coronavirus crisis We learned about the policy of Sabae City, which positively tackles SDGs as a municipality.