Details of the Initiative

This laboratory conducts research and practices on the theme of Designing a Place for Cultivating Multiculturalism. The fields of practice and research include inquiry learning in primary and secondary education, extracurricular activities in higher education, and informal education in developing countries. Diversity, design of field and tool, and learning and development are three common axes. Specifically, in a place where we work together to tackle things that we have never done before and don’t know how to do, we work together, drawing on the diverse talents of each individual to create relationships, methods, and results for living together. For example, in Syria, Turkey, and Palestine in the Middle East, local NGOs, UN organizations, educational institutions, and local communities are working together to create a stage where children who have been labeled as refugees can become who they want to be in order to learn and develop beyond that label. Away from a place where there is a relationship between supporters and recipients, the refugee children will be able to become who they want to be and create the future they want to create in new relationships where they can learn together (for example, cross-cultural collaborative activities with Japanese children on the Internet). We study the practice of education to learn together, live together, and co-create a peaceful, safe, and fair place.

A world where everyone can shine with Design of place × ICT (video: about 3 minutes)
A film was produced for the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival and various symposiums and workshops were held with Syrian students of Meiji University
Collaboration on the Internet between Syrian refugees and Japanese students: A study of new relationship building through play (Japanese and Syrian students teaching each other how to cook using the alter-ego robot OriHime)
Connecting Japanese and Syrian high school students online: An initiative by the students of the School of Global Japanese Studies to connect Japan and the world (June 11, 2019)
ICT as an environment for supporting learning and making connections: An analysis of refugees’ Internet use

Building field museums using AR in poor areas in India (as a social and emotional development support program for children in poor areas)
Training for teachers to design classes that cultivate multiculturalism (record of dialogue)
i.labo inquiry learning, improvisation practice, and research activities
Developing graphic recording materials with students (booklet and video content)
For those who start graphic recording
Card game development to learn about SDGs and workshop (video: about 1 minute)
Palestinian education and video media respecting diversity
Training for cross-cultural social workers in Turkey