Details of the Initiative

Every year since 2013, we have held summer vacation social classroom for elementary school students (grades 1 to 6) who applied from all over the country during summer vacation.

The purpose of this project is to deepen the awareness of children, who will be the leaders of society in the future, regarding efforts to build a prosperous future society by learning about the realities of modern society.

Through the study of cases (management cases), we have covered topics such as “product development, innovation, marketing, and social contribution (social responsibility) by companies” and “the role of taxes, national finances, and the realities of countries around the world.”

In addition, we have received sponsorship and cooperation from many companies, which have deepened understanding of the importance of elementary education and our contribution to society.

In 2018, under the title of “Thinking about the Importance of Work ? An Introduction to Work Style Reform for Children,” the children thought and learned about the meaning of work, the relationship between work and society, the occupation they would like to have in the future, and new ways of working in the future from their perspective.
In 2019, under the title of Learning about Taxes in Our Life ? Introduction to Taxation for Children, the children learned about what tax is, modern society supported by tax, and international comparison of taxation. The children learned about the structure of modern economic society by experiencing “tax,” a topic that is not yet familiar to them.