Details of the Initiative

This may seem like a strange title. The “you” referred to in this title includes “others who are not you” and “nature.”

It can be said that the environment surrounding us is severe. There are various natural and man-made disasters such as infectious diseases, earthquakes, typhoons, climate crisis, wildfires, conflicts, and rampant exclusive discrimination. How can these difficult problems be solved? There is no cure than can solve them in an instant. If there were such a thing, the problems would already be solved. But there is something everyone can do. It’s to look at the world from the perspective of others. For example, not doing something to others that you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Look at it from “your” point of view, that is, from the other person’s point of view.

What if the other party is nature? Nature behaves independently of our likes and dislikes. Still, we do think about what nature wants. Watch closely and imagine the next move of nature or the other person. Why study? It is to bring imagination and reality as close together as possible, and to increase the accuracy of the imagination. This attitude makes you think mathematically.

We enjoy various events, such as lectures and experimental classes, and work to nurture the mathematics you see. Would you like to participate?

Students enjoying “experimental mathematics”!
If you devise a container, you can control whether it “floats” or “sinks.”
Metronomes that are ticking apart will eventually “sync” with the same rhythm.
You can extinguish a candle using your voice. I didn’t blow directly on the flame. It’s not magic. It’s an open question why that happens.