Details of the Initiative

Efforts through research activities:

Employee health is an important constituent elements of human capital. As Japan faces an aging population, the working population is decreasing, and securing healthy workers is an important issue for realizing sustainable corporate development. In addition, along with the expansion of ESG investment, there is a growing trend for companies to be selected according to whether they use SDGs as action guidelines, and the health, diversity, and human rights of employees are also important points for evaluating companies. Currently, we are planning a comparative study on voluntary corporate health management with researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. We also conduct research on the evaluation and disclosure of human and organizational capital from the perspective of sustainable value creation.

Efforts in seminars and other classes:

In the comprehensive lecture of the School of Commerce, the following are explained in the class: why the health management of employees is an important means to realize the SDGs, important points in the approach of health management, and the necessity of visualization and information disclosure of health management. In addition, in the course of the seminar activities, the students are working on building an investment portfolio and preparing reports using investment theory from a medium- to long-term perspective for sustainable development and financial information and non-financial information such as ESG.

Research study with researchers of Karolinska Institutet in Sweden