Details of the Initiative

Every year on February 5, Meiji University conducts the “All-school unified entrance exams” at six regional venues (Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka) in addition to our campuses (Surugadai, Izumi, Ikuta, and Nakano).

This entrance exam is administered simultaneously by all 10 schools using the same test questions, allowing students to apply to multiple schools and methods at the same time, but it is also an entrance exam aimed at accepting diverse students from all over Japan.

It is also an entrance exam that provides opportunities to take the examination in various parts of the country so that students living in rural areas do not have to give up taking the entrance exam due to geographical limitations.

Many students who take the “All-school unified entrance exams” enter Meiji University every year. We hope that students from various backgrounds will create new values through our educational and research activities.

Students checking their seat numbers in front of the examination room of the “All-school unified entrance exams” for all faculties (Hiroshima venue)
Examinees leave the place after finishing the examination at the “All-school unified entrance exams” (Osaka)
Examinees prepare their examination vouchers to enter the venue of the “All-school unified entrance exams” (Liberty Tower, Surugadai Campus).
List of examination venues for the “All-school unified entrance exams”