Details of the Initiative

MUIIBR, Meiji University International Institute for Bio-Resource Research, is an international research organization established by an organic network of universities, research institutes, and companies in Japan and overseas, centered on Meiji University, with the aim of creating, maintaining, and utilizing biological resources that contribute to the development of next-generation medical technologies based on agronomy, especially animal biotechnology. To contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, we are conducting various studies.

Research activities in FY2020

・Heterologous regenerative organ transplantation for the relief of intractable diseases and end-stage organ failure

・Creation of new regenerative medicine industries such as heterologous islet transplantation and humanized kidney production

・Overcoming hereditary diseases in children and improving life and quality of life (QOL)

Official Website:

Production of cloned pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer
Representative: Professor Hiroshi Nagashima, School of Agriculture