Details of the Initiative

The Meiji University International Institute for Materials with Life Functions is promoting the development of biomaterials that contribute to improving the quality of life (QOL) and extending healthy life expectancy from a global perspective. Specifically, three different research themes are being developed focusing on three vital functions: (1) tissue regeneration, (2) osteogenic potential comparable to autogenous bone, and (3) biodefense. Among other things, we aim to contribute to achieving the SDG goal of “health and well-being for all” through research and development of three-dimensional scaffolds for cells that contribute to regenerative medicine, artificial bones with high osteogenic potential, and biomaterials with infection resistance and anti-tumor effects.

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In this project, we are developing basic research to realize regenerative medicine based on the concept of “actively using cells and growth factors to express superior biological functions.” In fact, “regenerated cultured bone” and “regenerated liver organoids” with sizes that can be applied clinically are constructed through a medical-engineering collaborative research system.
In this project, based on the concept of “expressing superior biological functions only with artificial materials,” we are developing 1) a next-generation artificial bone prosthetic material with osteogenic potential comparable to autogenous bone and complete resorption substitution characteristics, and 2) a paste artificial bone that enables minimally invasive treatment with reduced burden on the body.
In this project, we are creating biofunctional materials with antibacterial, antitumor, and immunostimulatory effects and promoting their functional evaluation with the aim of creating a safe and secure world without infection. For example, by adding hydroxyapatite (HAp) supported with silver to calcium phosphate cement (CPC), antibacterial CPC was successfully developed.
Representative: Mamoru Aizawa, Professor, School of Science and Technology