Details of the Initiative

The Izumi Volunteer Center carries out activities that involve university students and people living around the campus in cooperation with various organizations and facilities.

The Suginami Welfare Hall Festival is a festival that has been held at a welfare facility for more than 30 years. The event attracts people of all ages, from children to adults. We decided to participate in the event when we were asked to organize something as university students since there are not enough spaces for children to enjoy. In the event, we set up a game corner that everyone can enjoy together, and we also play music and have a good time singing and clapping our hands.

The tea party is a program where elderly people drink tea and interact with each other. We hold this program several times a year in the hope that it will help them get out as much as possible and learn about local people and their activities. Each time, the students plan and prepare a project according to the season, such as chatting on a theme, sometimes singing together, and doing simple hand games.

In order to make the Paralympics and volunteering as familiar as possible, we have also introduced university students’ volunteer experiences at high schools near Meidaimae Station, and have had students try Boccia at the Meidai Festival (Meiji University Festival).

The timing and content of the activities, and the university students who participate are all different, but what impresses us about every activity is the lively expressions and appearance of both the people involved and the students. We hope that the students’ sincere desire to have a good time together is conveyed to the community members through the activities. We would like to continue to have opportunities to engage with many people through various activities.

University students talking to high school students about their volunteer experiences
Students and community members interacting
Students and participants enjoying songs and hand games
Exhibiting at a local festival
Children playing Boccia