Details of the Initiative

Meiji International Friendship Organization (MIFO) is an official student volunteer group established based on the concept of “learning the world from Meiji University.”

We usually work on the themes of international support and international exchange, but this time we would like to introduce the All-Product Recycling Activity.

In this activity, students and people living near the campus donate clothing, and companies and organizations such as UNIQLO and UNHCR deliver clothing that meets the needs of the climate, size, etc. to refugee camps around the world as relief supplies. Some of the garments provided may no longer be worn, but they will not be disposed of as trash and will instead be reused as solid fuel, soundproofing materials, etc.

By encouraging people to recycle and reuse clothing, which is one of the three basic elements of life, in addition to food and shelter, we hope this activity will encourage people who support us to think about their responsibility regarding the use of clothing.

MIFO has been doing this activity for eight years. We will continue this activity so that more people will support us in the future.

We set up a reception booth in front of the school building.
These are the clothes people provided.
We will not waste the clothes provided.
If you see our activity, please cooperate with us.