Details of the Initiative

The Center for Promoting Regional Community Relations cooperates with public lectures sponsored by local governments and develops local human resources by utilizing the wide range of expertise unique to a comprehensive university.

The content of the courses varies, including courses on culture and history, health science courses to help people live more energetically in their daily lives, and courses aimed at fostering community leaders and solving local problems. Faculty members and other specialists in the field serve as lecturers according to the needs of each region.

In AY2019, in cooperation with local governments around the country, we held a total of approximately 85 lectures for a total of about 1,700 people annually, including education course for Mature Students in Narita City, Active Women’s College in Kesennuma City, and Tendo Mirai Juku in Tendo City.

Students of these lectures are active in a wide range of fields, including community center activities and businesses, and support local community development and industry in cooperation with the government.

Education course have been held for Mature Students, held in cooperation with Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, since 1997.
A lecture at “Active Women’s College,” in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, to promote women’s activities and develop human resources
A lecture at Tendo Mirai Juku, in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, to develop local leaders
A lecture in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, to promote community development through the cooperation of residents