Details of the Initiative

In order to achieve equality that transcends all gender differences in the environment in which all members of Meiji University conduct their activities, we are implementing various initiatives in line with the Basic Plan for Promoting of Gender Equality at Meiji University.

1. Initiatives related to work-life balance

In order to achieve harmony between education, research, employment, and daily life, we provide support for researchers in balancing research and life activities, and support for those who use babysitters and other services to raise children, and give full consideration to overtime work.

2. Initiatives to raise awareness and promote understanding

We hold lectures by outside lecturers for faculty members of Meiji University in order to foster a sense of ownership by showing the issues to be tackled by “All Meiji.” In AY2020, we held lectures both face to face and online in response to the COVID-19 crisis. [Photo (1)]

3. Initiatives to foster the next generation of female researchers

In order to increase the number of female researchers, we hold talk events and consultation meetings by undergraduate and graduate students at open campuses and at collaboration programs with affiliated high schools. [Photos (2), (3)]

4. Initiatives to train female leaders in the decision-making process

In order to promote gender equality in the decision-making process for university management and administration, we have developed career design training programs such as the Female Leaders Training Program in cooperation with external institutions.

5. Initiatives for cooperation with local communities

In order to contribute to the development of society and local communities, every year we participate in the MIW Festival organized by the Center for Gender Equality in Chiyoda City, where Meiji University is headquartered. [Photo (4)]

(1) AY2020 Lecture by Emiko Takeishi, Professor at Hosei University: “Challenges in the workplace: Balancing job satisfaction and ease of working”
(2) Consultation meetings at open campuses
(3) talk events at affiliated high schools
(4) participation in MIW Festival