Details of the Initiative

The Interdisciplinary Co-creation Project is a common graduate school course related to the Education Program for Mathematical Theory and Life Science. Our goal is to build a foothold for cross-disciplinary fusion through the exchange of graduate students from different graduate schools. We will discuss what kinds of social issues (countermeasures against disaster, food crisis, climate change, etc.) we can contribute to by integrating our expertise through group work. In the graduate course, students often work on research themes that are in line with their own interests or given to them, but by adding the perspective of SDGs, we devised a way to make them aware of the social positioning of their research. In fact, it’s not easy to tell which of the 17 SDGs your research falls into. We hope that from the stage of the master’s program, which is the starting point for researchers, students will have a perspective of communicating the significance of their research to society. In fiscal 2020, this was the first time for the students to take part in such a project. The four days of intensive online discussions helped them become aware of the position of their research in social issues and its potential.

What is Fusion Co-creation Research?
Examples of cross-disciplinary fusion
FY2020 Fusion Co-creation Project (by Zoom online)