Details of the Initiative

In November 2018, Meiji University announced the Meiji University Diversity and Inclusion Declaration, with the aim of ensuring that all educational and research activities within the university are managed in a spirit of respect for human rights, with acceptance of all forms of diversity, and without any human rights violations due to discrimination or prejudice. Based on this declaration, Meiji University is working to build a comprehensive student support system and improve the educational and research environment.

1. Meiji University considers diversity and inclusion as the source of a co-creative future and accepts and respects all forms of diversity.

2. Meiji University promotes the development of a campus where students from diverse backgrounds, such as gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, and race, can fully demonstrate their individual abilities and conduct educational research and other activities equally.

3. Meiji University promotes rational consideration for students from diverse backgrounds based on the founding spirit of “Rights and Liberty, Independence, and Self-Government.”

4. In keeping with its educational policy based on the establishment of individuality, Meiji University respects the human rights of each individual and promotes the creation of universities that do not violate human rights through discrimination or prejudice.