Details of the Initiative

The School of Information and Communication, which was established in 2004, continues the tradition of the prewar professional women’s school and the postwar junior college, both of which were responsible for women’s education at Meiji University, and from the beginning, the promotion of gender studies has been one of the principles of the school.

Focusing on the issue of gender, which is the socially and culturally formed image and role of sex, as well as diversity as the ideal of a society that realizes more diverse ways of life, and social approval, which is an important factor in building our individuality, pursuing the ideal of two-way communication for the realization of a fair society is one of the important tasks of information and communication studies. Since the Gender Center was established in April 2010 as an adjunct facility to the School of Information and Communication, the Center has been organizing symposiums, special lectures, and events for students in cooperation with Japanese and overseas research organizations.

corporate research presentation by Naomi Ushio, a student in our seminar, at the 2018 Academic Fest “How do the top leaders of Japanese companies view diversity management ?”
Partial image of the poster for the 2019 event
Partial image of the poster for the 2020 event