Details of the Initiative

To gain correct knowledge about menstrual poverty, which affects one in five Japanese students, we invited Dr. Yu Fujita of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Kindai University Hospital to give a lecture and hold a social event.

Purpose of the event
(1) To spread correct knowledge about gynecological problems, especially menstruation and cervical cancer, which are not widely known.
(2) To create relationships and environments where friends can easily talk about menstruation-related matters.

The first part of the seminar was held in a hybrid format, with face-to-face sessions at the 5th-floor hall on the Nakano Campus and simultaneous YouTube live streaming, with students participating from various locations both on and off campus. The event was filled with Dr. Fujita’s desire for the audience to come to the gynecology department with peace of mind and to consult her about anything.

In the second part, a social event between Dr. Fujita and the students, the participants shared their own experiences with menstruation and gynecological consultations, and asked the doctor about more specific problems, so that everyone could share the various problems that occur in the female body and should not be left unattended.

It was an opportunity for us to learn the importance of consulting our friends and our gynecologist about problems that occur in the female body, such as menstruation and menstrual pain.

Event website

Photo (1) A flyer for the Menstruation Talk Created by Everyone
Photo (2) During the live stream
Photo (3) Members of the Kishi Seminar