Details of the Initiative

Business analysis is considered to be a special technique performed by analysts and financial institutions. It is true that the financial data that plays a central role in the analysis is prepared by accounting professionals, and reading financial statements requires skills and experience. To make it easy for many people to conduct business analysis on their own, I provide free business analysis software and teach them how to use it in various situations, including classes.

Financial data is like a diary of an organization, showing its true relationship with the market society. It also reflects how well your organization is doing, so you can find problems in your organization by observing and analyzing its financial data. By letting people who think they are far from management know about management analysis, they can find clues about where they are positioned, whether the distribution of profits is appropriate, problems with organizational management, and future improvement measures.

I read financial statements for anyone and any organization and give them advice on request. I look forward to seeing various financial statements through local labor centers, labor unions and their superior organizations, seminars sponsored by various foundations, and personal meetings.

This is an annual corporate analysis course, which was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this course hosted by the Welfare Fund Association, I teach corporate analysis to those who have little exposure to financial data.
Students and graduates of the Yamaguchi seminar gather to report on the management analysis they learned in the seminar.
I distribute handmade business analysis software for free.