Details of the Initiative

On Tuesday, August 3, the Izumi Volunteer Center hosted a lecture and workshop titled “What you need to know now about disaster volunteering.”
Although it was in a state of emergency, it was conducted in the form of online course and workshop to prepare for when the university’s activity restriction guidelines were lowered and field activities became possible. Two lecturers, Mr. Kenya Miyazaki, Coordinator of Disaster Assistance and Disaster Prevention Education, and Ms. Chiemi Banzai of the Suginami Volunteer Center, were invited as lecturers. In the first half, the lecturers talked about the role of the disaster volunteer center, orientation for disaster volunteers, how to participate, and necessary preparations, while showing slides. In the second half, the participants were divided into groups of five and had discussions on how to prepare for participating in disaster volunteer activities. During the discussion, students actively spoke up, which showed their high interest in disaster volunteer activities. In this 90-minute session, we were able to fully absorb the knowledge and ideas necessary for our activities from specialists in disaster volunteer activities.

Suginami Volunteer Center Sakanishi’s talk (Zoom)
Disaster Assistance and Disaster Prevention Education Coordinator Miyazaki’s talk (Zoom)