Details of the Initiative

The Kobayashi seminar is working on a project to make Meiji University a Fair Trade University. The plan this time is to create and distribute bingo cards that are made of Fair Trade Certified banana paper, featuring spots on Izumi Campus.
Banana trees (pseudostem) bear fruit only once, so they are cut down every year after harvest, and many of them are thrown away. By producing paper from the fibers of banana pseudostems that are disposed of in this way, we can conserve the environment and create jobs through the effective use of resources. The banana paper of One Planet PaperR we used was produced from the pseudostems of organic bananas in Zambia. Effective use of waste resources reduces the number of trees cut and protects forests, animals, and plants living there. It will also reduce poaching of wild animals by creating jobs.
Here, we created the “MEIDAI BINGO” (Izumi Campus edition) cards from this banana paper. We planned it so that the first- and second-year students who became students of Meiji University but did not know much about the campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic could walk around the campus while having fun. If you read the QR code on the card, you can see the explanation of each item. You can also check service information from shops around the campus that are featured in Bingo.
Through this project, our aim is to make students of Meiji University aware of banana paper and of fair trade, and to make first- and second-year students aware of the campus. It is distributed free of charge in the lobby on the first floor of Building No.1 (Administration Offices) and the School of Commerce Office at Izumi Campus. Please pick it up and try to go around the campus!!

Meidai Bingo cards These are distributed in the lobby on the first floor of Building No.1 and the School of Commerce Office at Izumi Campus!
From the QR code, you can go to the website where you can see the explanation and map of each item.

                       (The URL is 

We were interviewed on TV (1).
We were interviewed on TV (2).
Please take this in your hand and take a walk around the campus! (We stopped talking and took off our masks only at the time of shooting.)