Details of the Initiative

Currently I research feminism theory and social movements among minority women in Japan. I trace the genealogy of how women have “challenged” the mainstream feminism in Japan by employing “intersectionality” as a lens of analysis to understand how racial/ethnic discrimination and gender discrimination intersect and create the reality that they had to live with.

In addition, by incorporating the perspective of intersectionality, I discuss with the seminar students the complex situation of women, temporary workers, and foreign residents amidst COVID-19 pandemic, while reading English newspaper articles and papers, and examine cases from other countries. In November, I organized a joint class with two other teachers in charge of interdepartmental English courses. We invited Ms. Evelyn Poh as a guest lecturer to talk about gender and economic independence.

Outside the university, as a member of the steering committee of the “independent feminist seminar on gender and intersectionality (femizemi),” I conduct education, research, study, cultural activities, and social movements to realize a society free from discrimination by incorporating the perspective of intersectionality.

At the online symposium, I presented “Toward the Practice of Intersectional Feminism.”
Ms. Evelyn Poh, personal financial coach, spoke about gender and financial independence from a perspective of personal history and as economic analyst in a lecture titled “Pathways to Financial Wellness.”
From the website of the “independent feminist seminar on gender and intersectionality (femizemi),” for which I am a member of the steering committee.