Details of the Initiative

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, the Nebashi seminar of the School of Information and Communication held an online event called Human Library, in which people who face difficulties living in society are referred to as books and audiences listen to such people’s various stories. The purpose of Human Library is to deepen mutual understanding between the “books” and “readers” through dialogue.

The following people took turns telling their own stories as “books” at this event        

・A sexual minority who supports diversity and innovation and gives lectures

・A normal hearer who lives with a deaf partner

・Foreign students living in Japan

・A person who serves as a representative of an albinism group in order to promote understanding of the condition

・A person who lives as a “half” in Japan

・A foreign national who has come to live in Japan because of an incident.

On the day of the event, the participants not only listened to the experiences and activities of the book people, but also deepened their understanding of diversity through dialogue and Q&A sessions with them.

We invited speakers mainly from a sexual minority and people with roots in foreign countries to this event, and will welcome people with different backgrounds as “books” to contribute further to the creation of a place where diversity can be acknowledged mutually.

A story of a college student who is half-Japanese and half-Paraguayan
A story of a person living with a hearing-impaired spouse
A group photo of all participants in the Human Library