Details of the Initiative

Meiji International Friendship Organization (known as MIFO) is a student volunteer group officially authorized by Meiji University, whose main activities are international support and international exchange.

This time, I will introduce the Flea Market, one of the activities of MIFO.

As part of its international support activities, MIFO conducts the Flea Market to reduce the burden on the environment by contributing to the reduction of clothing loss and to reduce problems such as poverty and hunger faced by refugees. Flea Market is an activity to sell some of the clothes provided by students and university officials during the All-Product Recycling of the spring semester. All the proceeds from the sale are donated to a refugee support organization and used for refugee support activities.

This year, after taking measures against infectious diseases, we conducted the activity over two days in November. We sold about 50 items in two days, totaling 6,600 yen, and donated all the proceeds to the Japan Association for Refugees, an authorized NPO.

MIFO will make every effort to continue the activities with the aim of creating a sustainable society based on the principle of studying the world at Meiji University. MIFO will also fulfill the social mission as a student volunteer group through the activities.

All clothes were provided by students and university officials.
Some of the customers were interested in MIFO activities.
Sales activity
The number of staff was limited to prevent infections.
Thank you to everyone who provided and purchased clothing!