Details of the Initiative

Intellectual Property Law and Policy Institute at Meiji University is advancing the research on Intellectual Property Law. Intellectual Property Law is the foundation for the creation and utilization of new technologies and works. In that sense, all the research at this institute contributes to SDGs “Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” and “Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.” Additional SDGs that are particularly relevant to ongoing research are shown below.

First, the research on the Patent Act realizes the balance of public health and pharmaceutical patent and contributes to “Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being.” The research on patent systems in developing countries contributes to “Goal 1: No Poverty” and “Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.”

Second, the research on the Copyright Act promotes the creation and use of content, realizes the freedom of information access, and contributes to “Goal 4: Quality Education” and “Goal 16: Pease, Justice and Strong Institutions.”

Third, the research on agriculture and Intellectual Property Law contributes to “Goal 1: No Poverty” and “Goal 2: Zero Hunger.” We also contribute to “Goal 13: Climate Action,” “Goal 14: Life below Water,” and “Goal 15: Life on Land” through the conservation of the global environment and biodiversity.

For more information on these activities, please visit the following website of the Intellectual Property Law and Policy Institute at Meiji University.

Copyright symposium (held on January 13, 2019)
Study meeting for agriculture and intellectual property (held on January 26, 2021) material provided by JA Mishima Kannami